Mô tả công việc

General Legal Advice:
- To provide in-depth legal advice on legal risk implications.
- To develop an in-depth understanding of how legal issues which affect the business.
- To review contracts for compliance with the Company policies and applicable laws and to protect the Company’s best interests.
- To draft and review legal documents for compliance with the Company policies and local laws.
- To identify legal issues, especially relating to proposed amendments to company standard forms.
- To ensure proper alignment, communications and coordination with external counsel and internal functions for non-routine new contracts.
- To supervise contract filing/document management.
Risk Management & Legal Compliance:
- To identify legal risk and timely provide legal advice to the Company and propose appropriate courses of action that should be taken.
- To provide updates on new laws and regulations to the Company /function head and evaluate the impact, if any, such new laws and regulations affect the business.
- To develop compliance and regulatory charts on laws, regulations, and required licenses/permits relevant to the business.
- To provide analysis of business impact of current legislative developments, mainly in the corporate and industrial relations area and recommendations to maximize advantages and mitigate against adverse developments.
- To provide updates on Company compliance policies and communicate any changes to the business.
- To recommend corrective actions to the business on compliance matters, as relevant and necessary.
- To improve process: Manage legal process and risk by issuing standard operating procedure/working instruction.
To conduct training:
- Lead, prepare and manage legal registration/extension process of new branch/ office/ stores.
- To handle insurance policies and issues of the Company in accordance with Group insurance manual and guideline and in coordination with insurance brokers of the Company.
Dealing with Externals:
- To handle government investigations and prosecutions effectively; not only securing the best possible outcome but also fixing root causes. Instruction and training of local employees and managers when it comes to issues entailing legal risks exposure.
- To handle lawsuits of the company, including filing lawsuits for and representing the company in the court, studying lawsuits filed by an individual or other business and finding appropriate methods to save and ensure minimum loss to the company.
- To liaise with external law firm to follow up & review progress of outstanding litigation/advice.
- To manage external lawyers.
- To maintain compliant and effective relationships with key government agencies at all relevant levels in order to receive favorable but compliant treatment.
- To prepare reports, letters and agreements.
Other responsibilities:
- Ad hoc legal projects, including M&A and Expansion projects and other ad-hoc assignments as requested from the Head of Legal.
- Other tasks as assigned by the Head of Legal.
Team Management & Development
- To supervise and manage legal team to provide day-today legal matters.
- To assist Head of Legal in providing on-job training to legal team

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor of Law, Oversea degree is preferable.
- 1 – 2 years experienced in Management role
- Fluent English and Vietnamese (IELTS 6.5 and above)
- A graduate-degree caliber, experienced Legal professional preferably within the FMCG or retail sector, holding an oversea Master of Law or working in an international working environment.
- Have solid knowledge of Vietnam laws and regulations
- Be able to contribute strategically to the growth of the business.
- Have experience in contract, employment, intellectual property and commercial law.
- Ability to be analytical and influential is highly preferred, as is having proven negotiation, complex problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Phúc lợi công việc

- Discussed in the interview

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Công ty TNHH MM Mega Market Việt Nam
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Legal Manager (M&A)
Công ty TNHH MM Mega Market Việt Nam
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