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Luật Sư Huỳnh Bửu Minh Ngọc

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Giới thiệu bản thân
Working with professional and effective manners;
withstanding high pressure, completing work on time;
- Having experience in real estate investment projects and
contruction consultancy;
- Having experience in review, negotiation, drafting of
Commercial contracts, International sales contracts, ...;
- Having experience in consultancy, review and inspection
enterprise legal records;
- Having experience in management, working assignment,
working organizations;
- Having abitity to communicate and persua clients;
- Having ability to manage team effectively;
- Having ability to research on legal documents quickly;
- Having ability to understand and apply the law correctly;
- Having capable of eloquence and speaking in front of many
- Archiving, arranging the documents easily for searching;
- Good English communication;
- Fluency in microsoft office;
- To be energetic and sociable.
Kinh nghiệm công tác
- In charge of direct legal consultant for the Gigamall Commercial Center project - Thu Duc; - Drafting, negotiating the Engineering Procurement and Construction Contract; - Drafting, negotiating the construction contract, providing installation of fire protection and fighting systems, M&E; Contract of sale and purchase of equipment and all major and small packages of the project; - Drafting, consulting, negotiating international sales contracts, logistic contracts and Investment cooperation contract with partners; - Preparing a sample of the premises lease contract at the Commercial Center including: Lease letter, Long-term lease contract, Short-term lease contract, Advertising position lease contract, Event hall lease contract; Commercial Center internal rules; food supply contract; raw materials supply contract; - Negotiating to sign a lease contract with major partners such as Ho Chi Minh City Co-operative Union; CGV; California; Tiniworld; Aeon; Goldengate ... - Negotiating to sign a service contract with companies such as Pure Project; Care Vietnam; Aeon Delight; ... - Reviewing corporate law, conducting Due diligence report (DD Report) for 07 companies of Khanh Gia Group; - Giving legal issues arising daily at corporations and commercial center; - Drafting dossier to transfer all and part of the project; - Preparing investment process for construction of real estate projects; - Preparing investment registration documents for foreign enterprises; - Training, managing and assigning work for paralegals.

Researching the investment law in the form of Public-Private Partnership (PPP); - Participating in PPP projects such as the West Saigon wastewater treatment plant, Tan Van - Nhon Trach belt road project, metro project No. 02, ITS intelligent transport system project; - Giving advice on investment, land, construction and bidding related projects for Korean partners; - Drafting legal consulting contract, investment contract, Memorandum of Understanding with partners; - Preparing legal records of projects; - Checking legal information of projects and partners; - Preparing legal documents to participate in project bidding; - Participating in meetings with partners and state agencies on the project; - Drafting internal rules and disciplinary regulations in the Company; - Drafting Company operating regulations; - Giving advice for BOD about important decisions in Company.

Receiving phone call, email of customers; arranging appointments between customers and lawyers; - Preparing documents for lawyers; preparing sufficient documents and evidence for lawyers before attending the Court session; - Drafting legal contracts, sales contracts, economic contracts, wills, lawsuit petitions, complaints; - Working with authorities, notary offices: notarization of contracts, wills, registration procedures, tax payment, ...; - Performing procedures for enterprise establishment, investment registration for customers; - Regular legal consultancy for enterprises on labor, contracts and disputes…; - Preparing reports on the operation of the office and sending it to the Department of Justice and the Bar Association according to regulations

Recording customer information and arranging customer appointments with lawyers; - Guiding customers to go to law firm; - Reading and studying documents; - Attending the trial with lawyers; - Going to People's Committee to certify documents; - Filling in tax returns, housing records.
Học vấn & chứng chỉ
- Cử nhân Luật từ 2013 - 2017 tại Trường Đại học Luật Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh