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DMT Joint Stock Company (DMT JSC) is one of the leading companies in providing charts, maritime publications, electronic charts (ECDIS) data electronic charts (ENC), the software manager for ships and many other maritime services in Vietnam.
DMT JSC can provide Nautical charts & publications for your vessels worldwide, especially in Asia area with the shortest time possible.

DMT JSC give you Voyager Service is the user-friendly way to manage, maintain and use navigational information on board. It includes a Chart Correction Service, Admiralty AVCS and Digital Publication updates, a full paper and digital chart and publication catalogue, a GIS based route planning tool and a rapidly growing range of additional services – all designed to help make your navigational planning more efficient, safer and more cost-effective.
We also provide services OMS (Outfit Management Service) provided automatically according to the list, bringing the accuracy and convenience of using units and ship managers.
DMT JSC is also a partner specializes in providing the documents, books, high-tech equipments for Institute of Coast and Offshore , Rescue and Naval Forces of Vietnam.

We as a bridge between foreign companies and local organizations in Vietnam.
With the motto "WIN - WIN, customer satisfaction is the success of DMT JSC", we are always received high trust from customers and increasingly assert that a reputable company, style attentive service with a staff of professional and dedicated.
We look forward to cooperating with you!
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D.M.T Joint Stock Company
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