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Founded in 2001, Le & Associates has built up a distinctive reputation and has earned the trust of our clients that have led to our rapid development and significant success. We made it with practical solutions to our clients' specific needs; we rely on a team of dedicated professionals that are the best in the industry, and, last but not least, our state-of-the-art IT technology, with the sophisticated tools to attract, engage and retain the right people for the right jobs.

Le & Associates is unique in being a one-stop provider for Human Capital solutions aligning with your business strategy. Our services include:
- HR Outsourcing
- Payroll Management
- Production Outsourcing
- Training and Coaching
- HR Management Consulting
- Individual & Corporate Assessment

Our clients, both local and foreign, of different industries, have been satisfied with our customized services to overcome their challenges in human resources management and development. They could count on us to maximize their return on human capital investment.

Our dynamic team, with rich experience and updated knowledge in international and domestic business practices, is committed to delivering the professional services expected of them.
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