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Established in Thailand in 1890, Tilleke & Gibbins is a leading Southeast Asian regional law firm with over 160 lawyers and consultants practicing in Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, and Yangon. In 2017, our firm was named “Southeast Asia Firm of The Year” by Asialaw.

Our firm represents Fortune 500 as well as newly established, high-growth companies that drive economic expansion in Asia in the key areas of commercial transactions and M&A, dispute resolution and litigation, and intellectual property. With a headcount of over 100 professionals and support staff in Vietnam, we are among the largest law firms in Vietnam.

Our intellectual property practice is widely recognized as the best in the country, and we have been named “Firm of the Year” by Managing Intellectual Property magazine for the past five years. The strength of our corporate and commercial practice has also been recognized by Chambers Asia Pacific, which in its 2018 edition named Tilleke & Gibbins a leader in Vietnam in Corporate/M&A, Real Estate, and Tech/Media/Telecom, and The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, which in its 2018 edition ranked us in Corporate/M&A, Labor & Employment, Tech/Media/Telecom, Real Estate & Construction, and Dispute Resolution.

We are currently recruiting professionals who are eager to serve our diverse and expanding client base. In addition to competitive compensation packages, the firm is known for its warm, collegial work environment. We are pleased to invite qualified and ambitious candidates for the following position.
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