Giới thiệu về Công Ty TNHH Al Naboodah Quốc Tế Việt Nam
Al Naboodah (International) Vietnam Co Ltd, is a subsidiary of one of the leading brand name in UAE: the Al Naboodah Group, consisting of more than 20 companies and offering a diverse portfolio of services and products in four key business sectors - construction, commercial, investments and real estate.

The industry sectors covered are varied and include travel and tourism, freight forwarding and logistics, electrical products, lighting products and services, tyre distribution, an automotive division, a heavy equipment and commercial vehicles division and an agriculture and pest control division.

In 2013, ALNA Vietnam was officially appointed to represent Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, parts and accessories and MotorClothes™ through authorized dealership, Harley-Davidson of Saigon.

Continuing with success of the first business, we continued to open 2 more dealerships in Vietnam which are Harley-Davidson® of Hanoi and Harley-Davidson® of Danang respectively in July 2015 and December 2016. Besides that, we are authorized dealer of other brands such as Triumph® & Royal Enfield® motorcycles, parts and accessories.

Along with our business expansion, we are searching for amazing talents Import Executive to join us as one team and moving in one direction. Our mission is to represent the Harley-Davidson, Triumph and Royal Enfield brand in a culture of diversity and continuous improvement doing what the Bar and Shield has been doing since 1903 – “FULFILLING DREAMS OF PERSONAL FREEDOM”.

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