Giới thiệu về Công ty TNHH Lotte Shopping Plaza Việt Nam
LOTTE, established in 1948, is one of the biggest Global groups of Korea. Starting from Confectionery manufacture, LOTTE has grown up with total revenue of $84 billion (2013) from diverse business fields: Retail; Construction & Chemical; Service Capital & Tourism; F&B; and Culture Research. Along with Korean business, LOTTE has been bringing prosperity to 9 countries over the world including Japan, China, Russia, and Indonesia.

LOTTE SHOPPING, as the most active member of LOTTE Group, takes the lead of Korean Retail market with 44% market share and becomes No. 1 Retail Vendor in Asia, the world’s 3rd biggest Department Store by Forbes 2013. We are coming to Vietnam with ambition of providing Vietnamese customers with total new concept of shopping, a new experience and differentiating satisfaction of enjoying life.

Our first project in Hanoi is located at Lotte Center Hanoi, the luxurious sixty- five - storey building at the center of Hanoi. LOTTE DEPARTMENT STORE will brings beloved customers various products of most famous international and domestic brands, outstanding services and never – before shopping amenities.
For the purpose of expanding the scale of business, Lotte Shopping Plaza Vietnam is now seeking for qualified candidates.
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