Giới thiệu về Công ty TNHH may mặc OCEAN SKY (VN)
Join Ocean Sky and be part of a multinational company that is one of the preferred manufacturers of apparel for the best known and top selling brands in Asia, America and Europe.

Also, kindly allow me to take this opportunity to tell you more about Ocean Sky and share information about its global and local operations and hopefully find potential employment partnership with you.

Globally, our company, Ocean Sky, A Luenthai Company, is one of the world’s premier apparel and supply chain services providers operating for over 12 years. We area recognized multi-product expert who bring the best apparel to millions of people around the world.

At the local forefront, Ocean Sky (VN) has a manufacturing facility in Tay Ninh which is a reputable partner of international brands such as Ralph Lauren, Dillards, Old Navy and Gap among others.

Ocean Sky also has a long-standing commitment to diversity as demonstrated by its diverse and multi-cultural workforce. We have a team composed of professionals from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

To continue to meet the highly competitive demands of our customers, our team is always on the lookout for emerging and established talents like you who are driven by a powerful combination of being up for challenges, driven to innovate in a sustainable manner and wanting to jumpstart their careers while transcending global boundaries.

Competitive compensation package, strategic training programs, exciting career prospects and opportunities for global exposure will be provided to successful candidates.

You may also continue discovering other information about our company, view our corporate profile, view videos and learn latest news/events related to our company by visiting

We Look Forward to having you join the Ocean Sky (VN) Family!
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