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CME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a Joint Venture Company with VTV TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD whom are distributor & services of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) products from leading manufacturers in Viet Nam market

Our team is trained from HVAC specialist, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers who got experience, technical knowledge and active in business environment & believe to become the MEP supplier of professional. We not only supply Technology Products but also advise the customers choices & solutions using the most effective equipment.

We provide MEP products with reputable brand & high quality and meet international standards and consistent with application in Vietnam

We always strive to provide products of the highest value and always focused on team of service enthusiasm, professionalism, to make satisfaction for customers.

WE are distributing specialized products about NICOTRA FANS for ventilating Office Building, Apartment, Factory, Car Park Jet Fan for commercial Center; MAS PUMP for HVAC & Water Drainage; PRUDENT AIRE Grilles, Damper for distribution equipment and TOMAHAWK Vibration for spring isolator, rubber pad from Malaysia/Turkey/Germany/Italy

CME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD with position is distributor MEP products, we undertake to take all process from support designer consultant, select products and advice best solution to meet the requirement of specification for contractor; support end-user to using the most effective equipment which we are distributing. It is necessary to make mutual trust and closed cooperation in stably & long term with customers & partners.

We always keep in mind that satisfaction of customers is key to our success.
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