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TNTY officially went into operation in 2013, quickly become leaded brand in Vietnam currently offers services: design consulting & provides equipment for a children's play area (including outdoor play area-indoor play area-play area under water); fitness equipment, outdoor sports; carpets, EPDM rubber floor. TNTY Group structure and focus on developing 4 Group brand includes:

KOMPAN (Denmark Imported)
COROCORD (Germany Imported)

In particular, the brand currently in step TNTY promotion design, manufacture and installation of playground equipment product line according to the luxury of international quality, with competitive ambition, for the same weight the brand reputation overseas.

TNTY has 3 offices, located in the three largest cities of the three regions is Hanoi City, Danang City, Ho Chi Minh City, along with our staff, technical support, professional, experienced up to more than 200 people who work, live and spread across the country.
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