Mô tả công việc

- Support sales department
- Manage projects and keep track with news, updates from markets and customers.
- Prepare project-related materials to send to customers as requested from sales department (Proposal, quotation, etc.)
- Send request for contract drafting and follow the execution of the agreement (including legal documents needed for the project)
- Work closely with accounting department to handle costs and expenses related to purchase contracts
- Report on a regular basis to department head.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Experience as sales administrator
- Proficiency in Word, Excel, Powerpoint
- Good data collection skill
- English fluency
- Passion in contents (movies, series, gameshows) is a plus.

Phúc lợi công việc

- Wage agreement
- Work in a dynamic, professional environment.
- Interesting and creative work every day.
- Trained in job-related skills.
- Competitive salary, full contract of labor benefits.

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