Tuyển dụng Ngân hàng - Tài Chính mới nhất

1. Legal advice and support
- Give legal advice and support upon the request from the Domain/Department and/or the assignment of the Legal Manager;
- Draft the internal processes, documents, Power of Attorrney and other documents sent to individuals;
- Update, provide and organize training on the legal knowledge, instructions on legal applying directly relating to the Company’s business activities (Tax Law, Law on Insurance Business, Law on Enterprises, Code on Civil Procedures, Law on Commercial Arbitration, etc);
Control the legal risk and the dispute risk on:
- The drafts of internal management documents, contract templates, transaction templates between the Company and customers or third parties;
- Terms and Conditions of Life Insurance products;
- Important and big value contracts;
- Documents to refuse claims on life insurance.
-  Implement the legal procedures relating to the competent authorities.
-  Proposed the choice and use of independent legal adviser.
2. Dispute resolution
- Consult, instruct and/or participate in the resolutions of claims and disputes relating to the Company.;
- Prepare the explanations, feedbacks and protection opinions to the related competent authorities, litigtion authorities, court, arbitration to solve the claims and disputes;
- Carry out other legal procedures to solve claims and disputes.
3. Other tasks
- Prepare opinions contributing into the drafts of legal documentts;
- Update, systemize, searching support and provide the legal documents relating to the insurance business;
- Other tasks under the assignment of the Legal Manager and competent authorization.


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