Mô tả công việc

1. Schedulling and coordinating daily activities of the CEO & Business
- On behalf of the CEO to work with other departments, as a bridge between the CEO with departments;
- Synthesis, evaluate and make reports on the operations of all departments, especially of the Sales and the Marketing departments through the reports of each department;
- Follow up action plan following regular meeting
- Coordinate meeting, activities and CEO’s meeting, working schedule...
2. Manager strategic account database
- Manage strategic accounts database;
- Support BU/MKT to develop and deploy new strategic accounts;
- Create strategic network from other resources.
3. Implement internal & external affairs
- Implement and be an agent to communicate company’s core value and culture
- Developing and coordinating external activities of the company & CEO
- Support CEO on internal and external relations;
- Perform administrative tasks such as edit the text, documents, dispatches under the direction of CEO; arrange meetings, etc…;
4. Coordinating project arising
- Work by task force to coordinate, implement and pushing projects incur;
- To work as a team to settle problems, risk, that may incurring during implementation.
5. Perform other duties as required.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Diploma of University
- At least 02 years working experiences with multi & cross function within the business
- Excellence in English (4 skills)
- Pro-active and well organization skill
- Good communication and interpersonal skills
- Problem analysis and solving skills;

Phúc lợi công việc

- You will work with highly-professional teams in an environment where you will be valued, recognized and wellrewarded.
- Join our team with business culture: “Expertrans- The second home: “Become the key personnel for the start-up of Expertrans business with ambitious aim”.
- Essentials training, comprehensive knowledge of sales professional process, working with customers at multiple-levels
- Promotion consideration when Expertrans is planning for oversea branches opening;

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