Giới thiệu về Công ty TNHH HAKUHODO & Quảng cáo Sài Gòn (HAKUHODO SAC)
About Hakuhodo
We are part of HAKUHODO Inc., the 2nd largest advertising agency in Japan founded in 1895. As a group of HAKUHODO and HAKUHODO Asia Pacific, we provide the best mix of HAKUHODO’s global network and local insights.

Through our network of over 150 offices in 20 countries and regions, and with more than 10,000 specialists, we provide the best solutions to all our clients.

HAKUHODO SAC & HAKUHODO VIETNAM have done great collaborations with our clients. Some of them have been awarded officially. One of those is TVC in Neptune TET (Lunar New Year) campaign 2015 which was awarded as 5th in YouTube leaderboard Vietnam 2015:

Hakuhodo is famous for the dynamic environment which is contributed by our professional and creative staffs. Let’s join us to become a part of Hakuhodo and enjoy the fast-paced growth as well as challenges every day!

Company website:
Hình ảnh của Công ty TNHH HAKUHODO & Quảng cáo Sài Gòn (HAKUHODO SAC)
Tuyển dụng của Công ty TNHH HAKUHODO & Quảng cáo Sài Gòn (HAKUHODO SAC)

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