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Indochina Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Back then we were changed over to the Indochina Technology JSC (ICTECH). Over the years we have worked on many different systems from lots of different manufacturers but with more than 10 years we have found Telecom and Broadcast systems to be the most reliable, flexible and above all offer excellent value for money.

Of course its not only systems we can supply and support. ICTECH also invest to building, residential about telecom and broadcast infratructure field. ICTECH reputation has been acknowledged as a System Integrator with many large and complex projects at Vietnam. We cover the whole of the Vietnam and will and can solve your problems at a very competitive price. We specialise in Business Telecom and Broadcast Systems and we can install, maintain, support if required.

As the broadband industry has developed, ICTECH has kept pace and become well known for the expert rollouts of new technologies and services. In addition, ICTECH has eagerly taken up the challenge of today’s converging industries deploying the latest in advanced optical, network, and broadband services to an ever expanding client base.

So whatever your need just give us a call on 1900 969656 and we will be happy to help.
"never far away when you need us"
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