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• Athena is an UK-based company creating and delivering products to users worldwide.
Millions of users are enjoying our casual games every day. It creates a huge opportunity for us to grow but
also creates great challenges to overcome and serve more and more users.
• Every day at Athena, we try to apply science and art into our products to make them beautiful, exciting, fun
and useful. Our mission is to create 5-star products, which entertain and enrich people’s life. We believe
that when technology, art, and hard working come together, the masterpieces will be born.
• Athena team is a mix of talented people who are game producers, artists, data scientists, programmers,
gamers, and dreamers. We offer lots of room for you to grow with the company and lots responsibility in
your role. Beyond personal growth, you will make a great impact on Athena’s success as a whole.

• Quantity of staffs: 15 people
• We divide into 7 functional teams: BOD, HR-, Marketing, Art, Design, Developer, Developer
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