Giới thiệu về Công ty TNHH Cà Phê Trà Phương Vy (Phương Vy Coffee)
Phuong Vy has its first coffee plantation in 1954 in a small town named Dak Mil, Dak Nong province. In 1992, Phuong Vy coffee store was officially launched thanks to the experience of growing and roasting coffee of the owners. With long history, passion and love for Vietnamese coffee, Phuong Vy’s mission is to promote Vietnamese coffee to the world.

Phuong Vy Coffee and Tea Company is one of the leading coffee roasters in Vietnam with more than 60 years and three generations in coffee business. We are specialized in wide range of roasted coffee products such as roasted beans, ground coffee, drip bag coffee and coffee capsules. The factory is located at Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A, Binh Duong province with 42,000 m2 in size and equipped with modern machineries. Our products are produced under best food safety practices FSSC 22000, ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP. We only source the best beans from famous Vietnam coffee growing provinces to ensure customers’ superior enjoyment.
Hình ảnh của Công ty TNHH Cà Phê Trà Phương Vy (Phương Vy Coffee)
Tuyển dụng của Công ty TNHH Cà Phê Trà Phương Vy (Phương Vy Coffee)

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