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PCA Company Services all started from a group of professionals who dare to believe that a consulting firm could offer business advisory and legal advice of high quality but still at an affordable and transparent rate. We aim to help and assist our Clients from the bottom of our heart with the commitment and the dedication that is necessary to bring a venture to success. The whole business model is based on helping business owners finding the way to success. If we can provide international-level advisory and our Clients can afford it, our Mission is accomplished. This is how understand the terms "Business Partner".

PCA Company Services is the most trusted and most reliable Partner in Vietnam when it comes to corporate secretary services (company incorporation, legal, compliance, …), bookkeeping, tax & accounting, and payroll management services. We serve local Clients but assist international businesses as well. PCA Company Services acts as a business facilitator, we enable individuals, groups, and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate with the local actors and authorities to achieve synergies. We can assist Clients at all stages of their market entry and expansion in Vietnam. We offer world-class Clients business advisory, incorporation and outsourcing services enabling them to focus on their core business functions without dealing with the legal, accounting, tax, and administrative aspects of their company. If your business does not require setting up a company, our other services such as audit, staffing, investors' services, sourcing, corporate secretary, and compliance services will be your point of entry into the promising Vietnamese market.

Vietnam is not your typical Western country: a lot of laws and practices are subject to interpretation. If you wish to be successful at the most efficient pace, using the least resources, you will have to partner with people who are on the field and deliver genuine solutions that will be accepted. Most of lawyers do not know the reality of businesses and fabulate a lot, about a lot of things to charge the extra fees. Often, they only rely on their title but not so much on their knowledge and understanding.

At PCA Company Services, we believe in combining practices, our attorneys for instance have deep accounting knowledge and our accountants and CPAs always work with our legal advisors to confirm their knowledge and receive another pertinent point of view. That is the reason why our Consultants are so knowledgeable. How would do otherwise? An effective piece of advice requires pragmatism and multi-dimensional analysis that most single discipline service provider just cannot produce. At PCA Company, we will always go for the right and long-term option, not the quick fix. So that we will be and remain accountable and responsible for everything we say, everything we write and everything we do!
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