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Since IT began in 1985, the privately held SML Group has rapidly emerged as a world leader in manufacture and supply of garment trim to the apparel industry. As a truly global company, strategically position in over 40 locations, we are well aware of the markets need to supply in country quality products on time at the right price. With expert personnel, drawn from within the industry we can provide cost effective, efficient and design inspired solutions to such problems face by Brands and Retailers alike

CONTROL - By early next year 2013, with inhouse production such as label factory in Vietnam (Binh Duong), we not only have control over our production but also our quality, delivery and price. Consistent design, color and quality worldwide is standard as part of our service.

VISION - Be the most preferred global brand identification solutions provider and exceed customer expectations in quality, price, services and speed.

INTEGRITY - Act according to our beliefs and values in order to make ethical business decisions, treat people with honesty and care for our community at all time.

QUALITY - Deliver the right solution the first time and at the right time.

BALANCE - Optimize planning and action; Harmonize Eastern and Western Culture.

INNOVATION - Promote creativity in processes, products and services

TEAMWORK - Nurture trust, sharing, harmony, respect, open-mindedness and a threat free working environment
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