Mô tả công việc
  • Reports directly to Project Controls Manager, Development Department
  • Assists the PSCM and DCG Teams in the preparation, evaluation and negotiation of Tenders and Contracts for Drilling and Completions.
  • Reviews contracts at the tendering stage, identifying clauses that may be detrimental to the project/company, and raise exceptions as necessary
  • Assists Project Control Manager with any other contractual and commercial matters that may arise when tendering, including tax, insurance and guarantee issues
  • Supports the preparation, negotiation and clarification for the following packages: FSO, Marine Warranty Services, QA/QC Services, IVS and CAR Insurance.
  • Participates in the finalization of Contracts for the following: EPCI for CPP, LQ and related Facilities, EPCI for WHP/Hub & Pipelines, Time Charter Lease for FSO, Independent Verification Services, Marine Warranty Services, QA/QC Services and CAR Insurance.
  • Ensures to the fullest extent possible there is no conflict in documentation and that there is consistency between the various Commercial and Technical documents included in the aforementioned Contracts.
  • Supports the Contract Team in reviewing, verifying and challenging potential Change Requests from the EPCI Contractors for the CPP Facilities and WHP/Hub & Pipelines received during the FEED Verification period.
  • Supports Project Controls Manager and Project Manager in presenting the Company position to PVN and Shareholders, and advises on what their contractual rights and obligations are
  • Provides summaries of contractual and commercial legal issues to Project Controls Manager and Project Manager
  • Subject matter expert on Legal matters pertaining to contracts and services
  • Able to clearly explain legal risks and to offer sound legal advice and commercial solutions within acceptable legal and risk frameworks.
  • Works in accordance with the Company’s Health, Safety and Environment procedures and the Company’s management systems
  • As necessary, performs other duties requiring essentially the same level of skill & responsibility when required
Yêu cầu công việc
  • Degree in Law, Contracts / Commercial
  • Must be a qualified lawyer with between 8-15 years from either a leading or mid-tier international law firm (common law jurisdiction) or with international oil and gas industry experience
  • Extensive experience of English Contract Law and other countries with particular focus as to to their application to the oil industry
  • Understanding of Vietnamese Law including Bidding Law
  • Litigation, arbitration and dispute settlement experience
  • Corporate commercial experience in JVs, international consortiums
  • Strong understanding of international law affecting projects and finance
  • Language skills – strong English is a must (both written and spoken).
  • Excellent communication, negotiating, influencing and legal drafting skills with a good eye for detail, meticulous, strong communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills, commercial approach and a commitment to excellence combined with the ability to translate commercial imperatives into practical solutions.
  • Able to work in a team
Phúc lợi công việc
  • Having chances to get attractive company bonus every month/year
  • Company trip once a year + Joining party
  • Salary and position is reviewed 1 time a year
  • Bonus by individual ability and company’s performance.
  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other benefits
  • Dynamic and sociable working environment
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Từ khóa:
Legal Counsel
04 Lữ Gia Q11, TPHCM
Quy mô: từ 20 - 49 nhân viên

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Legal Counsel
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