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- Kỹ năng tổ chức, sắp xếp công việc
- Kỹ năng thuyết trình, training
- Kỹ năng giao tiếp
Kinh nghiệm công tác
From June 2023 - to the present, Lawyer at 4.0 Legal Services Law Company Limited Title: Vice Director Consulting field: - Legal due diligence such as (i) legal due diligence of the project to complete the acceptance dossier to put construction of the project into operation or use; (ii) verifying project implementation progress, compliance regulation for the process of M&A transaction in the enterprise implementing the project. - Built sales framework contracts for real estate projects; - Consulting and drafting some internal processes and framework agreements at the request of the Customer such as NDA, collective labor agreements, internal regulations, etc. - Review the completeness and content of the Customer's internal processes according to the provisions of law and propose suggestions to overcome shortcomings; - Conduct to review the compliance of the Customer's internal processes with actual implementation and propose plans to minimize risks; - Consulting and drafting official dispatches in resolving contract disputes between customers and partners;

Aug 2021 – Nov 2022: Ban Phuc Nickel Mines LLC Title: Legal and Compliance Main tasks: - Conduct legal advice related to the Company's operations such as tax, construction, labor, investment, human resources, and mineral business...; - Drafting, editing, amending, and commenting on all types of Contracts, agreements, and nondisclosure agreements... of the Company with partners. Negotiating directly major contracts with the partner to ensure the Company’s benefits; - Coordinate with departments in the Company to carry out procedures for applying for/changing permits at Vietnamese Competent Authorities such as Investment certificates, Mining Licenses, and Business Registration Certificates; - Update legal information related to the field of operation of the Company; - Participate in the building of the processes specified in the Company such as the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the seal management regulation, the employee evaluation policy, the industrial kitchen management process… - Coordinator with the OHS department to track and check compliance with the Company’s safety regulations/policies at the plant, site, and industrial kitchen.

Aug 2013 – Aug 2021 Home Credit Vietnam Finance Ltd. Co (The name of this Company was changed from PPF Vietnam Finance to Home Credit Vietnam Finance in Nov 2013) Title: Compliance Coordinator Main tasks: - Directly deal with State bank inspectors in 13 provinces during the Company's inspection in 2018 - 2020 such as solving questions from inspectors related to the Company's operations, making explanatory reports, handle problems that arise during the inspection. As a result, in 13 inspected provinces, there were no administrative violations related to the Company's operation. - Conduct compliance checks by visiting randomly the POSes within my region and surrounding provinces/cities (to be defined by the Chief LC) and sending monthly reports or ad-hoc reports to the Chief of LC for analyzing internal and external information; - Maintain good relationships and keep in touch with local authorities, especially SBV within my region and surrounding provinces/cities. Act as the focal point to resolve inquiries/comments from local agencies with the Company; - Conduct training about compliance for the sales assistant beginner at the onboard training; - Represent the Company in dealing with local authorities and report to Chief LC for proper action and advice; - Liaising and contacting Vietnamese Competent Authorities for matters related to the Company’s operations such as submitting dossiers to apply for establishing or changing representative offices, and branch certificates; - In charge of the Company’s litigation processes against the dealers who related to anti-fraud cases by representing the Company at preliminary and appeal courts in the North. - Support other departments related to the Company's activities such as applying for permission for promotional programs.

June 2010 – August 2013 PPF Vietnam Finance Ltd. Co Title: Legal Officer at Risk and Collection Division Main tasks: - In charge of all late debts of the collection department in the North; - In charge of the Company’s litigation processes against delinquent clients by representing the Company at preliminary and appeal courts in Hanoi. Assign debtor list to hard collectors to collect cash; - Helping the Company with legal opinions on the preparation of internal policies and procedures concerning the legal collection

May 2008 to June 2010: Phu Thai group., JSC Title: legal officer cum secretary of deputy director and trade union. Main tasks: - Main responsibilities as Assistant Lawyer drafting the Company’s legal documents such as broad manager reports, minutes, and decisions; reviewing the business contract; searching and updating legal documents relating to the Company’s business; - Liaising and contacting Vietnamese Competent Authorities for matters related to the Company’s operations; - Supporting the Company’s partners, branches, and affiliates with legal advice; - Supporting the trade union to organize the trade union’s activities.
Học vấn & chứng chỉ
- Bằng cử nhân từ 2003 - 2007 tại Trường Đại học Luật Hà Nội (ngành học: Luật Quốc tế)

- Đào tạo Luật sư từ 2008 - 2009 tại Học viện tư pháp Việt Nam (ngành học: Khác)