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1. Consulting and implementing investment procedures for the Company. 2. Assisting in managing rental activities relating to the Company's real estate. 3. Advising the Board of Directors in developing real estate projects. - Find and analyze the feasibility, effectiveness of the project. - Support writing project proposal. - Working with state agencies and partners in implementing legal procedures to implement the project.

1. Provide Legal services to corporate clients. - Investment consultancy: + Inward investment in Vietnam + Abroad Investment: Singapore, tax havens (BVI, Cayman) - Consulting Start-up Management. - Consulting, negotiating, drafting, reviewing contracts, documents. - Advising enterprises, CEO on tax policies, labor, protection of intellectual property rights for enterprises, obey the business condition regulations, M&A. - Consulting and supporting enterprises to carry out legal procedures at the state agencies. - Representing the settlement of disputes at the presiding agencies and the enforcement authorities. - Advising the venture capital funds on investing in Startups, shareholders of public companies. 2. Advising the Board of Directors on the Company's projects.

Drafting and reviewing contracts and documents. - Participate in negotiating, drafting, standardizing, reviewing contracts with domestic andforeign partners. - Drafting, reviewing all types of management documents of the company: notices, decisions of the Chairpersons of the Board of members, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, collective labor agreement, internal working regulation. 2. Legal consulting. - Consulting board of directors and divisions about related regulation of laws. - Guiding divisions to implement regulations of law. - Updating regularly all regulations of law to the board of directors and divisions. Planning to implement new regulations of law. 3. Implementing legal procedures. - Preparing dossiers and carry out procedures for registration of establishment or change of enterprise registration or investment registration. - Carrying out the procedures for granting licenses at the specialized management agencies. - Carrying out procedures for registration of internal working regulation and collective labor agreement. - Carrying out procedures for trademark registration at the National Office of Intellectual Property.

Providing legal advice and participating in litigation, implementing the legal services for clients in civil, marriage and family, labor, administrative, commercial, enterprise fields. I used to be in charge of providing frequently legal advice to the enterprises who were the clients of the Law Firm with competent skills specialized in: 1. Providing legal advice in all legal fields relating to the enterprise operation: labor, investment, intellectual property, tax, etc. in order to ensure legal safety. 2. Updating the new policies relating to the operation of the clients. 3. Consulting, drafting, assessing the capacity of client's partners; monitoring process of implement contracts. 4. Representing by authorized of enterprise to contact competent authorities to implement the procedure of changing enterprise registration (supplementing business lines, changing the members...), the procedure of protecting intellectual property rights (registration to protect products' brand, copyright). 5. Representing enterprise to negotiate, reconcile, participate at the court in dispute of lease contract, insurance contract, contribute capitals. 6. Consulting, solving issues of labor, forming the regulations of enterprise
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