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DACHSER is a global of Europe's leading logistics provider. DACHSER provides intelligent logistics. It means that we draw on years of experience, state-of-the-art information technologies, and daily cooperation between large numbers of highly motivated people from a variety of countries and cultures. Dachser is represented in the business fields European Logistics, Air & Sea Logistics as well as Food Logistics and so offers the infrastructure for contract logistics, in which in addition to transport warehousing and value added services are offered.

With more than 27,450 employees and 409 locations at home and abroad, we are one of Europe's largest logistics service providers. Our growth in the global logistics market place has been made possible through our prompt reaction to market changes, a uniform business strategy and, in particular, the dedication and experience of our employees.

Dachser Vietnam Co., Ltd a Joint Venture company was established in August 2012 operating at the moment with an office in Ho Chi Minh City and branch in Hanoi.

Are you interested in developing your abilities in an international environment? Help us shape the future of global logistics. At DACHSER you´ll benefit from excellent career prospects and a unique company culture. Are you ready to join us? Please send your detailed resume, with present and expected salary via email quoting advertisement reference to the Human Resources Department.

Welcome to visit our website one of Europe's leading logistics providers:
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