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With ownership of 150 trademarks, 782 crop care product registrations and 522 animal health product registrations across more than 70 countries, intellectual property and comprehensive distribution network are certainly two of the greatest strengths of Zagro.

Zagro has its footprints in many parts of the world. Apart from the distributors and principals whom we work very closely with, Zagro’s sales presence can be found in the following countries.

With commitment to quality and to further assure our partners of our product quality being on top-notch compliance to very stringent quality standards, Zagro was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000 for the manufacturing, formulating and repacking of crop protection products. We are also awarded with GMP in 2004 in addition to our initial accreditation since 1999, the ISO 9002 and IEC Singlas. In April 2010, Zagro has achieved ISO 22000 Certification inclusive of HACCP Certification for all our production facilities making us one of Asia’s First Animal Premix Plant to be accredited. In June 2011, we achieved the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additives and Premixture Operators – Version 5.

Our commitment to quality is equally strong as our commitment to service. We are dedicated towards our partners and stakeholders in ensuring them absolute business continuity irregardless of crisis or disaster hence as of July 2011, Zagro has been certified for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) SS540:2008 and BS25999-2:2007 which equips us with Business Continuity Plans to identify risks and fully ensure business continuity once exposed to any form of business disruption like building fires, earthquakes, floods, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses.

Zagro started off as a division under the Swiss-based Zuellig Agri Healthcare of Zuellig Group in 1953. In 1996, the Zagro group was listed under the Stock Exchange of Singapore. Currently, Zagro has an established portfolio of products for animal health, crop care and public health as well as manufacturing facilities, operating offices and presence in more than 70 countries worldwide.

In the break of the new millenium, Zagro acquired Fezagro Thailand and obtained an addition of 60% of the Zuellig Chemicals Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).

In 2004 to 2007, Zagro made tremendous growth in our global reach as major investments in acquisitions and incorporations were made. In this period, we incorporated PT Zagro Indonesia, Zagro Animal Health Pte Ltd (Singapore), Zagro Europe GmbH (Germany) and Zagro South Africa Pty Ltd (South Africa). We acquired Global ectoparasiticide brands Neocidol and Steladone from Novartis Animal Health Inc. We also signed a Trademark and License Agreement for ectoparasiticide Eureka Gold with Schering Plough Ltd, Australia. It was also during this period that we acquired BASF Taiwan’s animal nutrition business and the remaining 20% of Zagro Chemicals Sdn Bhd (Malaysia). Our international registrations went well as we successfully obtained registration of Neocidol 600 EW in Holland and Neocidol 600 EC in Spain.

In 2008, we incorporated Zagro Services Ltd (Thailand) and Zagro Taiwan International Ltd (Taiwan). We acquired and developed Rangsit Properties (Thailand) and also the Third Party Premix production line (Singapore). In 2009, we obtained registration of 12 animal health products in Australia. In 2010, we embarked on widening our global footprint by incorporating Zagro Vietnam Ltd in Ho Chi Minh City, an expansion plan in East Africa and entering a multi-year distribution agreement and becoming a strategic partner of BASF’s Animal Health Unit in the Pakistan market.

Zagro has long been supplying agri inputs to farming industries all over Asia. With population increase and growing affluence, Asians are looking beyond traditional ingredients and cuisines. Headquartered in cosmopolitan Singapore, these trends are palpable and exciting. To hopefully catch this tide as a new form of revenue stream, the Company decided to selectively invest in agri-farming of non-commoditised products. Olive farming has been identified as one such avenue. Hence, the acquisition of a grove specializing only in Kalamata table olives.

Concurrently, we are also working towards penetrating the New Zealand market with the recent acquisition of Orion Crop Protection, the 5th largest distributor of crop protection products in New Zealand. It is anticipated that the acquisition will provide further opportunities for growth. In particular, Orion Crop Protection will have access to Zagro’s portfolio of products in crop care and other markets. In addition, Zagro will explore opportunities to expand Orion products through Zagro’s international network.

This growth is the product of dedicated personnel driven by our Chairman’s vision, to feel Zagro’s presence & sustainability, worldwide.
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