Mô tả công việc

- Develop and implement administrative and human resource management mechanisms of the manufacturing plant in accordance with current laws and customer standards
- Supervise and support the implementation of policies and regimes for employees of the human resources department.
- Manage compliance with health, safety, environmental, security standards....
- Welcoming and working with factory inspection and evaluation teams from customers, government agencies...
- Responsible for handling customer social responsibility assessments
- Understand social responsibility requirements and handle problems with customers.
- Coordinate with the HSE department to monitor planning, implementation of periodic training, education, and dissemination of labor safety to employees throughout the Company, and organize appraisal and acceptance of conditions. safety conditions, fire prevention, maintenance of equipment with strict safety requirements, labor protection, new materials and technology
- Establish procedures and regulations on labor safety and labor hygiene.
- In charge of issues related to safety, labor protection and fire prevention of the Company. Coordinate with departments performing work related to health safety and environment to perform tasks and report directly to the board of directors.
- Monitor the implementation of management, allocation, and inspection of the use of labor protection for the entire company - Automatically check, manage, supervise and support related to safety and hygiene in the workplace ty.
- Manage hazard knowledge education, maintain updated chemical safety data sheet (MSDS) and chemical list, make recommendations to the board of directors on energy saving for the factory, Management Use, storage and transportation of chemicals, limited space operations, emergency response operations for fires and chemical leaks
- Manage, plan and guide the HSE team on collecting and disseminating legal documents, updating and propagating new legal regulations; Investigation, statistics and prevention of occupational accidents. Organize periodic training for relevant departments on labor safety as required by law and customers.
- Organize periodic fire prevention drills.
- Manage environmental protection and report to state agencies on periodic environmental reports.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Graduated from university or higher
- Graduated from college or university with related majors (Law, Technology, Engineering, Environment...)
- Have extensive knowledge of laws related to factory operations: Labor Law, Environmental Law, fire prevention, labor safety, security...
- Be proficient in English (listening, speaking, reading, writing,...)
- Proficient in investigating and analyzing information
- Have very good communication and report writing skills in English and Vietnamese to work with customers.

Phúc lợi công việc

- Work in a good company culture, have many opportunities for career development, and be trained according to company policies.
- Participate in social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance according to company regulations and Vietnamese law.
- Attractive welfare and incentives (bonuses on holidays, Tet...).
- Attractive salary and bonus, commensurate with initiatives and capabilities that bring high efficiency to the company.
- Trained in specialized knowledge
- Work directly with major customers and suppliers in the garment industry.
- Official employee, go to work immediately.

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