Mô tả công việc

• Ensure payroll processes are executed on time & accurately meeting filing deadlines as per regulatory standards including personal income tax (“PIT”), social/health/unemployment insurance contribution (“SIHIUI”) and net remuneration.
• Responsible for all day-to-day payroll administrative functions with strong collaboration with payroll service provider.
• Timely preparation and submission of monthly payroll fund request to Finance Department.
• Comply with Vietnamese labor, SHUI and PIT regulations by ensuring accurate and timely reporting along with payments to the respective government agencies.
• Ensure payroll processes and procedures are flawlessly administered, new processes and policies adequately documented and communicated.
• Prepare payroll related accruals and reconciliations to the general ledger.
• Review and confirm the accuracy of the payroll output against data feeds from HR system and other substantial systems.
• Maintain relationships with , HR partners & other departments, payroll providers and external auditors.
• Support internal audits and external audits ensuring deadlines are met and each request is responded to with a timely and accurate response.
• Ensure appropriate internal controls, approval and validation are in place for the payroll processes.
• Coordinate and perform troubleshooting and investigation of payroll system problems and take appropriate corrective actions.
• Act as a Subject Matter Expert for payroll system testing and project implementation.
• Support regular and ad-hoc payroll analytic and management reporting on payroll related information.
• Provide technical expertise and resolution for escalated problems or questions pertaining to the payroll.
• Handle enquiries from employees and resolving any issues arising.
• Initiate and promote continual process improvement around the payroll space

Yêu cầu công việc

• Bachelor degree in related filed as in HRM, business administration, English…
• At least 3 years experience in C&B or payroll at manufacturing company
• Good communication in English
• Excellent analytical skills with a flair for numbers
• Demonstrated payroll management experience
• Labor Law/ Local Tax Law/ Customer service skill
• Well organized, able to handle many tasks at same time
• Proficient with Time attendance system
• Proficient with Microsoft Office especially Microsoft spreadsheet prog

Phúc lợi công việc

• Annual salary review based on employee's performance and contribution and another salary review in a year for employees with really excellent performance 13th salary
• Other benefits: social, health and unemployment insurance followed the regulations, Personal Accident insurance and Health care insurance
• Working hour : 45 hour/week (Monday to Friday)
• Annual leave is 18 days per year
• International, dynamic, friendly working environment

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Payroll Officer
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Payroll Officer
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