Mô tả công việc

Reports to: Contracts Manager & CEO
Location: The legal assistant will be based in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam to support the headquarter team by providing contract support and following up on outsourced legal delivery issues. These issues may necessitate travel around the country as to provide support and local knowledge for leases and contracts.

Purpose of the Role:
- The Legal Assistant’s main responsibility is to provide legal support to the contract management and procurement teams but also to other functional areas needing support.
- Inspect and report on the quality of legal documentation submitted to Golden Tower and make appropriate recommendations for actions.
- Once external legal opinion has been taken create workable solutions and documentation templates that can be used to recreate leases ad contracts internally.
- Take part in escalation meetings with Golden Towers management team if legal documentation standards are not being met or lease and contract delivery timelines are slipping.

Specific Responsibilities:
- Prepare and process all the required documentation and so our legal requirements are all understood and followed
- Delegate the tasks which will need external legal support and ensure that after the initial engagements in house staff can continue these actions
- Join the senior management team in meeting with external counsel and represent Golden Tower requirements so that they can be transmuted into simpler processes internally
- Liaise with the required government ministries and bodies and be well aware of the legislation and potential changes that may affect GT on site build or existing sites requirements
- Work with the Commercial and Acquisition team as they prepare a pipeline plan for the acquisition of existing sites to ensure that all required parties and documentation are in place and ensure accordingly the external resources if required are available. Check and validate all supply and lease documents
- Work closely with the contracts manager to ensure that all required legal documentation is in place and stored correctly
- Work in direct contact with the procurement section for supplier and service delivery contracts are put in place
- Create and manage the tracking process for reception of all legal documents and transfers on the part of each portfolio of sites as they progress

Yêu cầu công việc

- Degree or diploma of or such as graduate in law with relevant experience with specific ability to manage legal contracts and lease issues focused on telecommunication site construction and maintenance
- Desire to gain experience in establishing relationships at within the international partner companies and with client and supplier companies and for legal interfaces
- Local knowledge of Vietnamese laws, legal and government structure, culture and policies
- Excellent written and oral English and communication skills
- Enthusiastic and will to learn and develop
- Must have good negotiation experience, excellent resolution skills and ability to communicate and report on meetings.

*** Please send application in English.

Phúc lợi công việc

- Competitive salary and bonus

- Professional and active working environment

- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to Labor Laws

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Quy mô: từ 20 - 49 nhân viên

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Tuyển dụng Legal Assistant
Công Ty Cổ Phần Tháp Vàng BTS
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