Mô tả công việc
  • A key partner in driving employee relations strategies, and creating a positive work environment by instilling confidence in our Managers and Employees that they are unbiased and neutral in facilitating resolution to issues and concerns.
  • Provide hands-on HR support to Leaders, build trusting relationships with staff on appropriate HR services, advise Managers & Employees on HR processes, manage Staffing, Organization Development & Performance Management; manage Compensation & Benefit and Labour Relations; last but not least, confidential point of contact for all staff – assisting with any work or personal related issues.

Duties and responsibilities

1. RECRUITMENT: responsible for end-to-end recruitment and act as advisor to hiring managers in recruitment matters:

  • Assist with drawing up advertisement for recruitment and screening the applicants, shortlist, phone interviewing and face to face
  • Help identify and minimize all employment related risks
  • Ensure short list in conjunction with relevant Managers
  • Conduct reference checking
  • Prepares offer letters of employment for prospective candidates utilizing the Compensation Guidelines
  • Work with managers to create Position descriptions for all staff & update as required
  • Develops and maintains a network of contacts to help identify and source qualified candidates
  • Develops and maintains contacts with schools, alumni groups, and other public organizations to find and attract qualified candidates
  • Know markets and competitors for talent
  • Ensure that selection practices are fair and consistently reveal candidates with the greatest potential
  • Partner with managers to effectively assess and identify human resource requirements, essential skill set and resource planning

2. COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: Ensure the Company C&B structure is sustainable and supporting the growth strategy; ensure always compliant with the up-to-dated Labour code; ensure adherence to company’s guideline on salary budget, review and promotion processes. Including but not limited to:

  • Ensure the payroll is processed timely & accurately
  • Implement other benefits and compulsory payments (Social, Health, Unemployment insurance, and Personal Income Tax)
  • Responsible for PIT registration, PIT calculation and PIT settlement
  • Complete monthly/ annually Personal Income Tax declaration for employees, expatriates and report to Tax Dept. Contact Tax authorities on new issues of PIT and inform staff promptly
  • Responsible for assisting manager in salary proposal for new staff / pay rise/ promotion based on market range


  • Confidential point of contact for all staff – assisting with any work or personal related issues. Ensuring staff are aware HR are there as a confidential contact if they do not feel comfortable raising with their managers.
  • Ensure strong employee communications across company
  • Serve as employee advocate and actively listen to employee ideas and concerns
  • Coach leaders how to handle Human Resource issues
  • Ensure monthly catch ups with new staff members in first 2 months to identify any concerns or assistance with daily tasks
  • Coordinate with managers’ on staff’s promotion, transferring, termination processes
  • Identify the situations and involve as a neutral party
  • Ensure staff’s compliance to company regulations, Labour laws and coordinate with relevant authorities
  • Organize regular activities to engage employees such as staff entertainment programs, team buildings, yearly events, etc.


  • Coordinate with managers to conduct regular training analysis and define training needs for different staff levels
  • Develop training programs based on training needs for staff improvement or development


  • Performance Management
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Staff Retention
  • Succession Planning: preparing for the next generation
Yêu cầu công việc
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or related field 
  • Minimum 5 years experiences in HR, 2 years continuous working for one company
  • Understand well the Labour Code, Social Insurance Law, PIT and its related regulations
  • Fluent English both in oral and writing skills
  • Strict sense of confidentiality 
  • Good time management and organizational skills & keen on details
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills
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