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Luật Sư Phùng Thị Hương Giang

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Giới thiệu bản thân
• Ability to work under high pressure and meet demanding deadlines
• Actively approach and solve issues with good solving skills
• Effective work and time management
• Strong focus on attention to detail
• Good attitude and communication
• Good legal researching and analyzing skill, logical thinking.

Kinh nghiệm công tác
Main projects participated in: • Participate in Ministry of Health's cosmetic inspection for The Boby Shop Vietnam; • Register cosmetic circulation in Vietnam market for The Boby Shop Vietnam, Skinfood Vietnam; • Carry out procedures to establish Intellectual Property rights in regards of trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights for Super Genenal, Koi Tea, Thai Corp, CPC1 Pharma, Tan Thinh Pharma, Central Retail, Thai Foods, SuperThai, Sun Group, Kova Paint, Sovico, Pan Group...; • Handle infringement of trademark and register commercial franchise for Koi Tea; • Handle clearance of goods retained at custom for Jaguar watch. Day-to-day works: • Advise on and proceed with procedures various issues regarding compliance of enterprises, i.e. establishment of enterprises, change of enterprise registration certificate, importing and circulation of cosmetics, foods and insecticidal preparations in Vietnam, work permit, criminal record, temporary residence card…; • Advise intensively on and proceed with procedures for wide range of intellectual property (IP) issues in Vietnam and foreign countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia) in relation to right establishment of trademarks, industrial designs, copyright objects; handling all kinds of issues arisen upon IP objects to protect and ensure legitimate rights of clients (i.e. amendment, renewal, appealing, termination, transfer, licensing…); handling infringement regarding IP issues; • Prepare, draft and review kinds of contracts, agreements, documents from clients; • Research, study laws and regulations and deliver legal advices; • Draft and translate legal documents;

• Review and provide advice on all legal issues relevant to the Company’s operation, i.e. compliance of selling products, foods processing and trading, firefighting and prevention requirements, real estate for lease, labor issues, wine retail, promotion program, enterprise changes, trademark issues, transportation license, environment protection issues, insurance…; • Prepare, draft, review and negotiate with counterparties on the Company’s contracts, agreements and relevant documents to ensure compliance with laws and regulations as well as to protect the Company’s legitimate rights and benefits, especially in kinds of sales and purchase, service render, real estate lease…; • Prepare internal documents, resolutions and meeting minutes of Board of Management; decisions, power of attorneys and other documents supporting to the Company’s management purpose; • Prepare application files for all kinds of licensing procedures in relation to legal matters of the Company; collecting and compiling dossiers to pursue insurance claims in case of loss occurrence; • Build and monitor legal database of the Company in relation to all kinds of legal documents (i.e. contracts, licenses, internal and compliance documents…), raise potential risks and plan solution to solve them; • Support and provide legal advices to all departments in a timely and accurate manner; • Raise and consult legal issues to management team to ensure the compliance with laws and regulations and prevent legal risks; • Work with relevant authorities in relation to the Company’s issues from time to time; • Support to solve problems related to labor issues, obtaining approvals and working on inspections from authorities or deal with other issues from the Company’s partners; • Assign and review works of other staffs in Legal Team.

Main projects participated in: • Advise, prepare dossier and explanation for VSIP Bac Ninh’s M&A: VSIP Bac Ninh transfers real estate projects to Viet Nhan Real Estate, Hoa Dat Real Estate, Chuang Fa Vietnam; • Obtaining and implementation of new IP Projects: VSIP Lang Son, Gilimex Vinh Long, Gilimex Bac Giang, Gilimex Quang Ngai; • Advise, assess the fulfillment of conditions, draw out procedure for Tenants’ M&A: Fujikin Vietnam transfers IP land to Thanh Phong, Foseca transfers project to TH True Milk, CNCTech transfers project to CyberTech, Lavi ILMI transfers IP land to Baoye Machinery and Cactus Wellhead International, ITM Semiconductor Vietnam transfers IP land to Panel Vietnam; • Proceed with amendment of Investment Registration Certificate for VSIP Bac Ninh and VSIP Lang Son. Outstanding Tenants: BWID, Pepsico, TH True Milk, SIS, Sumika, Kido, Biel Crystal, Logos, Victory Giant Technology, CNCTech, Welstory, Becamex, Toho Precision, CyberTech, KTG Industry, Pinaco. Day-to-day works: • Carry out assigned tasks related to the legal issues on real estate projects (Industrial Parks, C&R projects), legal matters related to the company's activities and operation; • Advise and consult the BOD, Management and Departments on the legal issues related to all business activities of the company; • Proactively handle and advise the leaders of the Company to properly handle legal situations arising during the course of its operations on real estate business, civil transactions, labor, tax, insurance and all other business transactions; • Draft, review and advise on all kinds of business contracts, agreements, arrangements (including but not limited to Lease Agreement/ Tenancy Agreement, service agreements and commercial contracts etc.) and legal documents to ensure the compliance with current legal regulations and to protect the Company’s interests; • Participate in negotiations and meetings with the Company’s counterparties, suppliers, tenants and competent authorities; • Draft, appraise the contract templates and internal documents before submitting such documents to the Management for signing and promulgation; • Translate the agreements, contracts, resolutions and legal letters/ documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa; • Settling claims, disputes from the customers and the counterparties; • Consult and prepare the legal documents, participate in resolving process arising from the conflict of interests between the company and business partners; • Review works of other staffs in Legal Team; • Any other related duties and other tasks/projects as assigned by Head of Legal Department and/or Board of Directors.
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