Mô tả công việc

- Coordinate with Sales, Accountants,... in implementing, managing contracts, appendices, special programs, special agreements,...

- Support customers, other departments of paper, license to sell.

- Taking phone calls and email orders from HORECA customers and GT.

- Weekly Stock Report for HORECA, GT: keeping in touch with salesmen about stock issues for HORECA customers.

- Record and get AnP number for Marketing events (Tasting at shops, sampling, marketing,…).

- Assisting on stock take.

- Connecting with Store Keeper and Salesmen to follow stock management and forecast for HORECA/GT customer of the shop.

- Support customer call center to check and feedback requests from online customers.

- Follow and collect information of promotion, gift voucher,… which are launched online.

- Process the order for online order or telesale order.

- Issue the red invoice to customers basing on the bills.

- Reconcile and solve all troubles relating the red invoice until to be done.

- Check and prepare AR report, cash on hand, cash in bank report monthly.

- Check and prepare AP report, fix assets, tools report, prepaid expense, other accounts... monthly and quarterly.

- Do the tax report and red invoice report monthly/quarterly and work with tax office when requested.

- Do the accounting books monthly/quarterly and yearly basing on head office accounting rule and sending to head office to consolidate.

- Do the inventory report monthly/quarterly and yearly basing on head office accounting rule

- Prepare Financial statement monthly/quarterly and yearly.

Yêu cầu công việc

- BA degree on Accounting.

- Knowledgeable accounting profession.

- 1+ years in similar roles.

- Good at Excel, Word Office,...

- Good communicate in speaking and writing.

- Proactive, self-motivation, result-focus, eager to learn new things.

Phúc lợi công việc

- Deal with the company.

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