Ảnh đại diện Miền (AW3513)
Trần Quốc Miền
Tp Hồ Chí Minh, (có thể thay đổi nơi làm việc)
Số ***, Đường Xô Viết Nghệ Tĩnh, Phường 21, Quận Bình Thạnh, TP.HCM
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Đại học
Độc thân
Giám đốc/ Quản lý cấp cao
Tp Hồ Chí Minh, (có thể thay đổi nơi làm việc)
5.000 USD
Quản trị điều hànhTrợ lýKhác
Kinh nghiệm làm việc

Từ 2015 đến hiện nay: Giám đốc/ Quản lý cấp cao tại INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION MNC.,
Help the Board of Directors to carry out day-to-day operations:
- Receiving works, files, documents from departments within the company to submit to the Board of Directors for approval.
- Communicating of the Board of Directors to the Board and feedback.
- Synthesizing, preparing documents as required by the working program of the Board of Directors.
- Editing and managing the archives of the General Director.
- Translating documents, texts in English, Vietnamese.
- Performing other tasks assigned by the Office.
- Maintaining the Company image through communication and professional telephone answering.
- Receiving documents, documents, documents from the departments and boards in the Company to submit to the BTG for approval
- Communicating the information of the Board of Directors ("BOM") to related departments and departments and receiving feedback from departments in the Company to the BOM.
- Scheduling, arranging and registering the schedule of BOM.
- Recording and scheduling meetings and meetings of the BOM with the partners. Prepare the trip of the board
- Preparing, organizing meetings of the Board of Directors with departments and partners.
- Carrying out procedures for importing goods, dealing with customers, tracking orders and preparing customs procedures for goods clearance.
- Performing clerical, archival and administrative works.
- Doing the job of office administration, public relations.
- Preparing all documents and records relating to the content of meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and compiling them into many different languages on the contents of the meetings.
- Undertaking translation works of specialized documents in various fields and majors and interpreting all meetings, conferences, seminars, forums and workshops on-demand recruiting from domestic and international customers.
- Participating in research projects on the multi-language translation of domestic and international.
- Collaborating directly or rolling to support the Government, Ministries and Departments in the research projects in various fields related to multi-language.
- Going on a far mission with the Board of Directors to examine the project, construction, inside and outside the province and neighbouring areas.
- Being on behalf of the leadership arrangements, organizing meetings, conferences, client reception at the company's headquarters and other locations as required by superiors.
- Contacting the agents, carriers and vehicles, hotels to book a flight, train, car, and rooms and meeting rooms...
- The other unexpected works as the Board of Directors’ requirement, etc.
- Etc.
Kỹ năng

• English interpretation and translation.
• Recruitment
• Teamwork
• Logistics
• Interviewing
• Good communication
• Communication skill
• Solving problem skill
• Handling pressure skill
• Management and Leadership skill
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Always striving, never stop learning with the goal of improving ourselves and personality, work style of sound confident, dynamic, efficient, professional and friendly in the future to become professional interpreter now, good leader, the manager in Companies, Groups, International Organizations, Non-governmental organizations...